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Megan Aitken Fine Art

Inspired by Adventure

What do you love most in life? How do you fulfil  that passion you have? Well, for me, my passion in life is life itself. How I express those feelings and live my dream is through my art. I find all the good in this world, all the positive moments, beautiful things and amazing wonders of this planet and I transform these experiences and thoughts into my own creations.


I actively travel and surround myself with nature, the raw parts of this planet, the parts that were always there and I use these amazing landscapes to feed my creativity in my work. I focus mainly on landscape paintings which are often done through imagination and memory of the places I have visited, combined with emotions associated with that place. Because of this, I hope to create paintings that are inspirational and uplifting for my viewers as I, like many other artists, try to spread the magic of art and make this world a more beautiful place with a language we can all recognise.


Join me in my journey and lets embrace this world and it's hidden gems.

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